Electrical properties of transmural myocardial infarct scar in swine

Authors:Warren,M. Cinca,R. Bragós,R. Casas,O. Tresànchez,M. Rodríguez-Sinovas,A. Carreño,A. and Soler-Soler, J.

Journal:European Heart Journal Vol.18 Supplement p.164 Country of Publication

Conf. title:XIXth Congress of the European Society of Cardiology, Conf. Date: August 24-28, 1997,Conf. Loc.: Stockholm, Sweden,

Abstract: Areas of connective tissue inside a myocardial infarction act as obstacles to the activation wavefront but may permit electrotonic conduction across it. However, the electrical propierties of the infarct scar that determine passive conduction have not yet been explored.