Electrical impedance phase spectrogram of the ischemic myocardium in pigs

Authors:Tresànchez M., Bragós, R., Casas O., Rosell J. , Warren M. , Carreño A. Rodriguez-Sinovas, A. , Gómez, P. and Cinca J.

Journal: Medical & Biological Engineering & ComputingVolume 35 Supplement Part 1, p.334

Conf. title:World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering, Nice, France, September 14-19,1997

Abstract: Clinical determination of chronically infarcted myocardium is based on the detection of areas with low radiotracer absorption or depressed myocardial contractility in gammagraphyc or ultrasound images. Normal and necrotic tissue are difficult to distinguish with in vivo impedance measurements at 1 kHz because of high intersubject variability at this frequency. To detect infart scar accurately we have developed a new technique based on specific differences in tissue electrical impedance spectroscopy between normal and necrotic tissue.