A parallel broadband real-time system for electrical impedance tomography

Authors:Casas, O. Rosell, J. Bragós, R. Lozano, A. Riu, P.J.

Journal:Physiological Measurement Vol 17 Sup 4A Iss 6 p A1-A6 Date : November 1996 Country of Publication UK ISSN: 0967-3334

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Abstract: This paper deals with the desing, implementation and performance of TIE-4sys, an electrical impedance tomograph. This instrument is a parallel broadband real-time system. It measures impedance using an array of 16 electrodes and reconstructs the images using a weighted back-projection technique. The objective of this development is to enable multifrequency EIT clinical studies to be undertaken. The system is capable of acquiring 25 frames/s and makes multifrequency cardiac-gated images. The frequency range is from 10 kHz to 250 kHz and the signal to noise ratio for the real component is better than 60 dB.