Broadband quasi-differential multifrequency electrial impedance imaging system

Authors: Riu, P.J. Bragós,R. Rosell, J.

Journal:Physiological Measurement Vol 17 Sup 4A Iss 9 p A39-A47 Date : November 1996 Country of Publication UK ISSN: 0967-3334

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Abstract: Dynamic and multifrequency imaging methods have been demonstrated both theoretically and experimentally. Multifrequency methods are able to produce images of static structures inside the measured object. Data collection systems, however, are affected by errors due to their non-ideal frequency behaviour. If the frequencies used in the measurement were close enought, the system would behave in almost the same way. In this case, however , the impedance change displayed by biological tissues is small, so the situation is similar to dynamic imaging. We call this method the quasi-differential imaging method.

We have designed and built an instrument able to apply signals from 1 kHz to 1MHz, with frequency increments of 10 Hz. Patinet interface circuits and demodulators were designed to display a flat response in the full frequency range of operation. Signals are digitized with 16 bit resolution and sent to the host computer using a high-speed serial interface. This allows a maximum measurement speed of about 8 images/s.

All the system parts were full characterized out of the system and the results of these measurements are given as an indication of the limits of its use as a quasic-static imaging or quasi-differential imaging data collection system.