Control of Biological Life Support Systems: Development of Non-Invasive, Direct Monitoring of Free and Immobilised Biomass Concentration in a Bioreactor

Authors:Elvira, J. Gòdia, F. Cairó, J. Montesinos, J.L. Riu, P. Bragós, R. and Tamponnet, C.

Journal:Proceedings of the 25th International Conference on Enviromental Systems Date : July 95 Country of Publication US

Conf. title:25th International Conference on Enviromental Systems Conf. date: 1995 July 10-13, Conf. Loc.: San Diego, California, United States.

Abstract: The biological autonomy of man when isolated from his original biosphere can be ensured only by Biological Life Support technologies. Among these, bioreactors are of prime importance and can be divided into two main groups: biomass producing bioreactors and materials transforming bioreactors. The latter case requires, if possible, high concentrations of active cells, in order to obtain a maximum efficiency in the transformation of substracts to products. One way to obtain such objectives is to immobilise the microorganisms. Specific and precise tools are required to control continuously the immobilised biomass. Among them there is a biomass monitor able to measure both free and imobilised biomass concentration.