Reproducibility of multifrequency and dynamic EIT images in the thorax

Authors:Riu P.J., Rosell, J., Casas, O. and Bragós R.

Journal:Proceedings of the Concerted action on impedance tomography workshop.

Conf. title:Concerted action on impedance tomography workshop. Reproducibility of in Vivo electrical impedance tomography images. 12-14 May 1995, Keele, UK.

Abstract: We collected EIT measurements in one person in two different sessions at the level of the fourth intercostal space. We used two custom systema: TIE1-sys and TIE2-sys. With the first one we collected 10 image's with cardiac gating, using at 34 kHz. With the second one we collected static and dynamic multifrequency images. Frequencies used were 32 kHz and 125 kHz, acquisition time was 20 seconds per image. Electrode impedances were measured before each image and stored in disk for further processing. During the experiment we change the following conditions in order to identify its effect on the accuracy of the system and reconstructed images: electrode impedance mismatch, electrode position and common mode feedback topology.