A Semi-Distributed Front End for electrical impedance tomography.

Authors: Bragós, R. García, M.A. Riu, P. J.

Journal:Innovation et Technologie en Biologie et Medecine Vol: 15 Iss: 8 p.16-23 Date: 1994 Country of Publication: Fr. ISSN: 0243-7228

Conf. Title: Hardware for multifrequency EIT CAIT Meeting. Conf. Date: April, 14-16, 1994. Conf. Loc.: Toulouse, France.

Abstract: The front-end hardware distribution is often used to reduce measurement errors in electrical impedance tomography (EIT). This work deals with the evaluation of the error reduction when a minimum distribution scheme is used , in comparision with a fully concentrated structure. The distribution has been performed in the voltage measurement channel, after the study of the tree possible structures.

The comparison betwenn the concentrated structure and the distibuted one shows that the measurement error in both real and imaginary parts is reduced by using this last one.

There are, however, practical problems when the resulting active electrode (or any other active electrode) is appled to a lying patinet because of its size. This colud be solved by using a semi-distributed front-end, placed beside the body and with short, flat cables between the front-end and the electrode.